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PLAY Airlines, a leading low-cost airline based in Iceland, aimed to inaugurate its first direct flight from Athens in June 2023. This launch marked a significant milestone for PLAY as it connected Athens directly to Iceland and expanded its reach to destinations in the United States and Canada.

As Play’s official press office partner in Greece, Extrovert played a vital role in building media relationships and organizing a range of PR activities, including strategic partnerships, exclusive interviews, and an exciting media trip to Iceland.

With a focus on making air travel accessible to all, PLAY Airlines aimed to inform the Greek audience of the new route and its commitment to affordability. Extrovert team disseminated important announcements in Greece, starting with the release of the ticket’s sale launch, followed by the inaugural press statement titled “PLAY’s first flight from Athens”.

Extrovert also organized a series of interviews with top-tier media outlets, providing a platform for Birgir Jónsson, CEO of PLAY Airlines, to communicate the company’s mission, vision, market position, and future plans. To further establish PLAY’S presence in the Greek media landscape and increase its exposure, our team arranged a media trip to Reykjavík with the inaugural flight from Greece. A group of respected journalists from selected Greek media outlets embarked aboard Play’s inaugural flight, experiencing firsthand the charm of the Nordic destination.

The combined efforts of the press office, media relations activities, and supplementary initiatives such as interviews and media trips contributed in positioning PLAY Airlines as a significant player in the Greek aviation market. The campaign generated extensive publicity, with high media interest and positive coverage of PLAY’s innovative approach to making air travel affordable for everyone. Extrovert successfully enhanced PLAY Airlines’ brand presence and visibility in Greece, laying a solid foundation for future growth and expansion. The introduction of the new direct route has sparked excitement among Greek travelers eager for convenient access to Iceland and North American.

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