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Unleash gaming power with AOC’s epic 44.5″ OLED monitorInstant responsiveness, 240 Hz and 800R curvature for competitive excellence: AGON PRO AG456UCZD

Athens, 19 March 2024 – AGON by AOC – one of the world’s leading gaming monitor[1] and IT accessories brands – is adding another high-end OLED model to its popular AGON PRO series. The 44.5″ (113 cm) gaming monitor AGON PRO AG456UCZD is designed to deliver an immersive and seamless gaming experience. This OLED display boasts an 800R curvature, delivering a wrap-around visual experience that puts players at the heart of their games. With an ultrawide (21:9) WQHD resolution, this monitor offers crystal clear, panoramic visuals, backed by a remarkable 240 Hz refresh rate and lightning-fast response times of up to 0.03 ms GtG to meet the demands of competitive gaming.

AGON by AOC introduces the ultrawide, lightning-fast OLED monitor AGON PRO AG456UCZD with a 240 Hz refresh rate.

Crystal clear immersion with 21:9 WQHD resolution
The ultra-wide AGON PRO AG456UCZD is designed for gaming excellence. With a borderless design on 4-sides, the monitor lets users focus fully on the whole on-screen adventure. Its 21:9 aspect ratio and 3440×1440 WQHD resolution provide a vast, immersive gaming canvas, offering a significant advantage in the heat of battle. This format grants gamers a panoramic view, allowing them to see more of the action in their games – and with the pronounced 800R curvature, the monitor also fills the users’ peripheral vision.

Applauded by professional sim-racers
The crisp visuals are ideal for intense gaming sessions, giving users a competitive edge by ensuring they never miss a crucial detail on the battlefield or racetrack. Thanks to its high immersion factor with its deep 800R curvature and 44.5″ size, the monitor is perfectly suited for simulation or racing rigs, and with its exceptionally responsive and fast OLED panel, is equally proficient for fast-paced FPS or action titles.

One of the leading sim-racing esports teams, G2 Esports, sponsored by AGON by AOC, is already impressed with the AG456UCZD. “The AGON PRO AG456UCZD is such an immersive monitor that I can’t leave the game anymore.” says the professional sim-racer Isaac Price from G2 Esports.

Thanks to the per-pixel illumination of its OLED panel, the monitor ensures stunning visuals with vibrant colours and superb contrast. The monitor’s wide colour gamut coverage of 100% sRGB and 98.5% DCI-P3 (CIE 1976) is not only perfect for gaming but also for content creation and streaming, where accurate, true-to-life colours are essential. Jakub Brzezinski from the sim-racing team at G2 Esports, agrees: “Despite being ultra-wide, the AGON PRO AG456UCZD provides very clear visuals and stunning colours. True-to-life colours are essential for a prolonged gaming experience that’s not to be hard on the eyes”.

Its peak brightness reaches up to a mighty 1000 nits in small areas, bringing out the details even in the darkest of scenes. An anti-glare treatment ensures that the OLED monitor delivers excellent images even in bright environments and direct sunlight. With 1.07 billion available colours and a 10-bit native colour depth, the AGON PRO AG456UCZD offers rich and accurate colours that bring games to life. Beyond gaming, this remarkable ultrawide resolution also caters to multitaskers by providing ample space to open multiple windows simultaneously in daily tasks and leaving plenty of room for task bars of video or music editing programs.

Lightning-fast 240 Hz refresh rate and 0.03 ms GtG response time
With a breathtaking 240 Hz refresh rate and an amazingly fast 0.03 ms GtG response time, the AGON PRO AG456UCZD promises an outstanding gaming experience. “The refresh rate of the AGON PRO AG456UCZD is astonishingly swift, which is a major game changer when the best performance comes down to milliseconds”, comments G2 member Nikodem Wisniewski.

Every frame is delivered seamlessly, eliminating motion blur and benefitting gamers in competition. The low input lag ensures that users are always on top of their game, making every move count in competitive gaming scenarios. The monitor is NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible and supports Adaptive-Sync for a tear-free gaming experience, ensuring smoother gameplay. The AOC G-Menu integration and features such as Flicker-Free and Low Blue Mode complete the user experience. Furthermore, the built-in OLED Care functions let users to maintain the panel in top condition.

Connectivity for versatility
The AGON PRO AG456UCZD transcends its gaming prowess by offering unparalleled versatility for a myriad of day-to-day applications. Boosting a robust connectivity suite that includes two DisplayPort 1.4, a 4-port USB 3.2 hub, a USB-C port with 90W Power Delivery, and a KVM switch for seamless multi-device control, this monitor empowers users with the freedom to effortlessly connect to a diverse array of devices. This makes it the ultimate choice not only for avid gamers but also for those seeking a monitor that seamlessly transitions between work, multimedia consumption, and content creation. These connectors allow effortless switching between gaming consoles, PCs, and other devices, letting users enjoy the full potential of their setup.

The G2 Esports racing team competes using the AGON PRO AG456UCZD

G2 Head of Sim-racing, Nathan Tague summarises his experiences with the AG456UCZD: „As sim racers, we are always hunting the last thousandth of a second in the pursuit of perfection. Having a monitor that can handle the pressure of a one-shot qualifying lap, or keeping your eyes fresh over a 24hr endurance race is critical for any team wanting to win. For us, that monitor is the new AGON PRO. It really does redefine the way we compete and raises the bar for what is expected from an ultrawide monitor. There’s no delay with an insane 240 Hz refresh rate, no washed out colours when picking out pixel perfect braking points thanks to the gorgeous OLED panel. And blue light filters protect your eyes even in the longest of race stints. It’s a stunning piece of technology that every sim racer serious about gaining every advantage possible should have in their arsenal. I don’t think I or the team could ever settle for anything less now that we’ve seen what is truly possible with the AG456UCZD.“

Pricing and availability
The AGON PRO AG456UCZD is set to redefine the OLED gaming experience with its impressive specifications. It comes with a 3-year warranty that covers OLED burn-in and will be available from mid-March 2024, at an MSRP of 1.299,00 €.

G2 Head of Sim-racing, Nathan Tague, summarises his experiences with the AGON PRO AG456UCZD:

[1] IDC Quarterly Gaming Tracker – Gaming Monitor 2023 Q4

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