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Philips Monitors E1 Line to welcome four new monitors for modern professionals in a hybrid work environment

Athens, Greece, 19 January 2024 – Packed with features to keep you connected while improving your productivity, four new models will join the Philips Monitors E1 series product line in January. In order to meet the many needs of modern professionals in a hybrid work environment ever more comprehensively, this line will welcome additional models in Spring.

Comfort combined with Superb Picture quality

The Philips 24E1N1300A, 24E1N1300AE, 27E1N1300A, and 27E1N1300AE are equipped with a 23.8”/60.5cm and a 27″/68.6 cm (respectively) FHD IPS display for crisp, detailed, highly accurate images in a slim design with narrow borders (even the bottom one, just about 9.5mm) for a seamless multi-monitor setup. All announced monitors deliver superb picture quality with a 100Hz refresh rate, Adaptive Sync, and 1ms (MPRT) fast response time for an ultra-smooth visual experience that will help you enjoy your favorite games and multimedia in your free time after work.

All models also offer features specifically designed to enhance and support the overall user experience, such as LowBlueMode and Flicker-free for easy-on-the-eye viewing, EasyRead for a paper-like reading experience, and convenient cable management. In addition, the Philips 24E1N1300AE and 27E1N1300AE provide additional comfort: the main difference between A and AE models lies in the height-adjustable base featured in the AE ones.

Connectivity at its Best

In the modern world, connectivity plays a fundamental role in shortening distances and facilitating communication. With the workforce spread simultaneously between the office and the home, professionals rightly seek secure, reliable, and fast connectivity while working.

With all this in mind, the new Philips E1 series starting with the Philips 24E1N1300A, 24E1N1300AE, 27E1N1300A, and 27E1N1300AE will feature USB-C 3.2 with power delivery up to 65W, which allows users to charge their linked device and work seamlessly, all with a single cable.

Price and Availability

            The Philips 24E1N1300A, 24E1N1300AE, 27E1N1300A, and 27E1N1300AE are ideal for users looking for a reliable monitor that can enhance their home office productivity with fast connectivity and comfort, while also ensuring enjoyable and immersive free time.

The Philips 24E1N1300A and 27E1N1300A will be available for purchase from mid-January at a price of 169.00€ and 189.00€ respectively, while the Philips 24E1N1300AE and 27E1N1300AE from February and at a price of 179.00€ and 199.00€ respectively.

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