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Cegeka to kickstart company launch in Greece: in search of talented IT professionals and office space in Athens

Cegeka, a European ICT service provider with headquarters in Belgium, is about to kickstart its expansion to Greece with the search for a new office space and onboarding of the first employees in Athens. The company is actively searching for highly skilled IT professionals to join its team. From Athens, Cegeka will develop operations in Greece as part of Cegeka’s European Delivery Center. Greece will serve as Cegeka’s fourth country of their European Delivery Center after Romania, Moldova and the Czech Republic. In addition to Cegeka’s European Delivery Center regions, from where customers are serviced, Cegeka operates in more than 10 European countries.

As a family-owned company, Cegeka has achieved remarkable growth over the past 30 years, culminating in a turnover of 871 million euros in 2022. With its solid foundation, extensive experience, and deep knowledge of ICT Technology, Cegeka is well-positioned to enter the Greek market and contribute to its thriving IT landscape.

Skilled IT professionals and cultural fit drive Cegeka’s expansion to Greece

Cegeka’s expansion to Greece is based on a combination of skilled IT professionals, cultural fit, and entrepreneurship. The values of respect, authenticity, and the development of people play a crucial role in this decision. “We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment that fosters employee growth and development. With Greece’s proud history of craftsmanship and creativity, we look forward to collaborating with the country’s talented workforce to drive innovation and excellence. With an expected growth of 300 employees within the next three years, we aim to tap into the wealth of IT talent in Greece to strengthen our European capabilities to serve our customers,” says Tom De Vos, Director of the European Delivery Center at Cegeka.

Timeline for the development of Cegeka Greece

Cegeka’s setup timeline in Greece encompasses several vital stages. Firstly, Cegeka has already established a legal entity. A dedicated recruiter is hired to acquire skilled IT professionals who align with Cegeka’s values. Now office space will be diligently sought in Athens to provide a conducive work environment. The recruitment process will commence to fill 15 open positions, spanning diverse roles and expertise in IT. Streamlined onboarding processes will ensure a smooth integration of new employees, setting the stage for their success.

Over the next three years, Cegeka aims to expand its Greek workforce to approximately 300 employees. This growth signifies Cegeka’s commitment to tapping into Greece’s IT talent pool and enhancing its European capabilities.

Simultaneously, Cegeka will actively explore the local market, seeking commercial opportunities. “This strategic exploration will involve identifying potential partnerships, projects, and collaborations that align with Cegeka’s vision, contributing to its growth in the Greek market,” says Tom De Vos.

Core Values to guide successful start-up in Greece

Cegeka’s strong DNA is an important asset for the success of Cegeka’s start-up in Greece. Its DNA encompasses customer-driven ‘in close cooperation,’ deep empowerment, servant leadership, and a culture of challenge and being challenged. A profound commitment to society and the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are deeply ingrained in Cegeka’s ethos.

To ensure a harmonious fit, Cegeka values respect, continuous learning, ownership, authenticity, and entrepreneurship. By embracing these core values, Cegeka Greece will foster an environment where employees can thrive and contribute to the overall success of the company while upholding the principles that define Cegeka’s identity.

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