Apply for the EUCF, the EU City Facility, and receive funding to boost your energy transition.


What is the EUCF

This is a message to all authorities, representatives and staff in cities and municipalities in Greece: you can get financial support and related services that help you draft your investment concept in order to realize the actions identified in your climate and energy action plans.

With the aim to unlock more than €320 million public and private investments, the EUCF is also interesting for (local) financial actors.

Indeed, the European City Facility (EUCF) aims to support municipalities and local authorities in developing Investment Concepts (IC) related to the implementation of actions identified in their sustainable climate and energy action plans.

In practice, the EUCF will finance your city or municipality – with a fixed grant of up to EUR 60,000 per application – the activities and services needed, both, internal and external, for the development of an Investment Concept. The second payment of the €60 k grant (30% of the grant) will be paid only after the validation of the Investment Concept.

Successful applicants to the EUCF will use the lump sum to develop their Investment Concepts, which represents an initial step towards a fully-fledged business and financial plan. The expected result is a developed Investment Concept, e.g., a document providing investors and financial institutions with necessary information to assess an investment project.

The ultimate objective is to build a substantial pipeline of sustainable energy investment projects across municipalities in Europe.


Local authorities and their groupings have made great commitments to significantly reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. However, when trying to implement their ambitious climate and energy action plans, they often face financial constraints, as well as a lack of capacity to access the right financing. EUCF aims at transforming cities´ climate and energy action plans into real investments in developing credible, robust and sufficiently mature investment concepts. Such concepts, which should include the identification of potential project pipelines, legal analysis, governance analysis, basic financing strategy, and roadmaps for implementation, are a prerequisite to accessing different sources of funding.


The time to apply is now

The first call for application is currently open and will close on 02 October 2020, 5pm (Brussels time).

You can find information and also apply online at:

The online application only consists of a few quick steps. A help desk is available via the website.

In Greece, you can also contact your country expert:

Your country expert is able to:

  • give information about the application process
  • support in the application process (e.g. clarify cities’ investment and expertise needs, project aggregation/pooling if applicable, quality/English check of the application)

Applications will be evaluated according to a set of criteria. The best scored applications will result in a grant agreement.

It is important for municipalities to register and start the application process even in the unfortunate case of not being able to finalize it. By doing so, a municipality ensures to receive a feedback report from the facility that will help the applicant in applying to the subsequent calls.

Municipalities and authorities eligible

The EUCF is open to municipalities/local authorities of all sizes and their groupings from the EU-27 and UK. Applicants require a politically approved climate and sustainable energy plan. This includes SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plan)/SECAPs (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan), developed within the Covenant of Mayors framework, or plans of similar ambition with climate and energy targets at least for the year 2020.  ( See eligibility criteria )

Local authorities/municipalities are strongly encouraged to join forces and resources and submit joint applications in order to develop more ambitious projects and increase their chances of success. Private entities are not eligible.

What can be financed

The EUCF finances activities, such as (technical) feasibility studies, market analysis, stakeholder analysis, legal, economic and financial analysis, risk analysis, etc. that are required to develop the investment concept. These activities can be delivered by in-house staff or subcontracted external experts.  The grant cannot directly finance the actual investments, but it covers costs to mobilise resources and access services to develop an Investment Concept.

FURTHER INFORMATION:  visit and its FAQs section.