MMD, the leading display specialist and brand license partner for Philips monitors, announces the new Philips 279C9 LCD display, a 27” (68.47 cm) monitor with a crisp design that meets even the most ambitious requirements for the highest productivity and a greater and fresher user experience.

Its elegant outline, USB-C port, high picture quality and ergonomic features, make Philips 279C9 monitor the perfect solution for financial professionals as well as those hold high standards for styles, and for everyone working with CAD solutions and 3D graphics applications. Moreover, the monitor received an iF Design Award while being a Red Dot winner in 2020.

Design matters

The Philips 279C9 monitor features a Zero Bezel design, which eliminates the surrounding frame and offers an expansive picture that makes the multi-monitor set-up seamless. Moreover, its black textured finish makes this monitor the perfect work solution for modern and eye-catching interiors.

The idea of the design  behind this monitor goes even further: thanks to its amazing cable management it reduces one of the biggest struggles (cable clutter) for a neat workspace, being so, the ideal model for people looking for an elegant and tidy workstation. Cable management is indeed an intimate design that helps organizing all wires required, reducing disorder on the desk by putting them out of sight.

All ports and features for the best productivity

Nowadays everyone is used to work with multiple devices connected, which means that ports are a key feature that cannot be missed. The Philips 279C9 includes a USB type-C connector, which allows users to transfer data and re-charge the laptop at a super-speed (up to 65W). The monitor also features one DisplayPort, two HDMI and four USB 3.2 ports. These allow all devices needed for working well-connected, but with an intelligent and neat cable management asset, leaving the sight free of noise.

The IPS panel chosen for this model gives extra-wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, making possible to view the display from almost any angle. Moreover, IPS displays ensure remarkably crisp images with vivid colours, making them ideal not only for photos, movies and web browsing, but also for professional applications that demand colour accuracy and consistent brightness at all times. In addition, with its UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and the VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400, this monitor reproduces every detail for real-to-life photos. A great and fuller colors palette will enrich the vision and make every image more engaging, with deeper and more nuanced blacks, global dimming and peak brightness up to 400 nits.

Care about users’ wellness

When working, there are three major aspects that we should always take care of: keep a correct position, reduce eye fatigue and take some rest. The Philips 279C9 makes working hours as comfortable as possible starting from its base: the SmartErgoBase is a unique tilt, swivel, height-adjustable and pivot system that provides maximum user flexibility and delivers ergonomic display comfort, allowing it to be positioned as needed.

To ease the physical strains of a long workday, the display also features LowBlue Mode for easy-on-the-eyes productivity and Flicker-Free Technology for less eye-fatigue.

The Philips 279C9 monitor will be available end of August with an MSRP of €529.

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